Twitter is usually the first social platform that I check when doing research about a specific project.

It’s a good place to analyse how active they are with the community - I always appreciate it when they make an effort in connecting with its supporters and investors.

A cryptocurrency would often explain in to depth its updates on their website, but would announce it on Twitter. Making it great for very coin specific research!

However, Twitter is very good for general market news - more specifically for short and medium term. As you can follow loads of day traders, speculators, technical analysts, big investors where they share their thoughts on what could happen soon!

I suggest these accounts Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, Crypto Yoda, Carter Thomas, Michael Novogratz, John Bollinger, BullBear Analytics, Collin Crypto, The Wolf etc


Before entering the world of cryptocurrencies I never used Reddit - as of today it is the website I visit the most, both on my laptop or through the app on my phone.

It is great for both general crypto updates as well as for very specific topics.

I suggest everyone to make an account and to subscribe to the subreddits below if you want to have general daily updates on what is happening within the crypto world!







For specific topics, you can simply search the name of the coin you wish to research and you will find endless amount of discussions and content about it!

To give you an example - I scrolled down Coin Market Cap and looked for a random coin and picked “Whitecoin (XWC)” currently ranked 264, so definitely not a popular topic! (photo 1)

I simply went www.reddit.com and typed “Whitecoin” within the search box and found one main subreddit called /whitecoin - which i the official thread of discussions about the project with 250 subsribers!

And by scrolling further I found several pages full of individual posts about Whitecoin where questions and speculation about it are made!


Similarly to Reddit - Facebook is great for specific news as well as general speculation and crypto gossip, depending on what groups you join.

For general knowledge I suggest joining the following groups: Crypto Coin Trader, Bitcoin Day Traders, Cryptocurrency Investing, Cryptocurrency for Beginners, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency and many more!

Or you can join very specific groups like “Whitecoin” - underlining the fact that you can find a community discussing a very specific topics anywhere!

I love crypto related Facebook groups because they simply appear in your feed without having specifically go search for news - you can be relaxing on your social feed and still get relevant and productive information for your investments!


Youtube is great if you are looking to get a quick and effective analysis about a specific topic - as most of the videos are tutorials and quick overviews!

Again, simply by searching Whitecoin - a small and unpopular coin you can still find videos explaining what the coin is

I still of course recommend to always dig deeper and do more research, as videos can be bias and made with the intention of promoting a personal investment!

There are two channels that I suggest subscribing to:

Coinmastery - is great for trading advice and daily general market updates

Boxmining - is great for research about specific coins, he has a category called “(name of coin) in a nutshell” where in a couple of minutes he describes a advantages, disadvantages, vision etc of specific projects - great to get a general understanding of a coin before personally doing research!


In a few words Slack is a cloud based group chat where you need an invitation to join - crypto projects often use it as a way of interacting with its community and investors.

I use Slack for very specific research as you are in a conversation with developers and people from the actual team - allowing you to ask questions directly to the relevant people!

They might occasionally hint about future collaborations, rebrands, updates etc - making it a great place to get information before the mass.

The picture above shows that a small coin like Whitecoin also has a Slack chat!